Shame of the Networks

Shame. What is wrong with our major networks? It is very much the time for good documentaries on the rise of fascism -- the talent to create one or a dozen exists out there -- if Murrow were alive or any of his brethren who witnessed the rise of Hitler and the horror of WW2 they would be producing one. We have a generation that has no understanding of how insidious fascism is -- how it is often voted into power -- and then the thuggery and the restriction of freedoms and the "disappearance" of dissident people begin. But our networks seem to have no responsibility towards this country -- other than to reap profits from its auto and drug ads and give us another vapid America's Got Talent. Yes, keep Dancing with the Stars, and watch your liberties disappear. Well, America has Talent and it also has got Trump. The greed of the networks -- not to mention cable -- is a national disgrace. How do these people sleep at night -- of course, they take some of the drugs that they advertise. Enough sarcasm. As one who made my living in television -- at a time when there was some sense of moral responsibility towards viewers -- I look on in outrage and disgust. Shame on every executive at CBS, NBC, ABC (forget FOX they have no shame) -- this is no ordinary election, this is no ordinary time, and we do not need ordinary executives who program nonsense in a time of danger. Are all the heroes in Marvel Comics and Harry Potter? We have some great reporters -- all the networks need do is set them free to do their work.