'Shame' Trailer: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan Tackle Sex Addiction (VIDEO)

Depending on where you live, how old you are and the squeamishness of your fellow theater-goers, this may be the most footage you see of this Steve McQueen-directed film. And that, more than anything else, is the real shame.

Michael Fassbender stars in "Shame," the story of an emotionally cold sex addict whose personal and professional life begin to spiral out of control. Carey Mulligan plays his troubled sister who comes to stay with him, and both channel their utmost darkest to create a gritty vision of big city desperation.

The film, picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight, may earn an NC-17 rating thanks to copious amounts of sex and full frontal nudity from both Fassbender and Mulligan. That means that, despite resounding critical acclaim, it may only see a limited release, thanks to theaters' unwillingness to show a movie that so few audience members can or will see.

The rating situation could set up a scenario where few people see an Oscar-nominated film, such is the praise Fassbender is getting for his role, which follows up his work with McQueen in 2008's film, "Hunger." They'll work together again on "12 Years A Slave." This film comes after Fassbender's successful turn as Magneto in this summer's "X-Men: First Class."

The film hits theaters on December 2nd.