Shameful Political Cowardice

In the wake of the Oregon shooting yesterday, I was going to write another piece about guns. I usually do that, but then I realized it wouldn't matter. Why waste my time writing 750 words? Why waste my time saying the same things I've been saying? I'll just say this:

It's 2015, can't we just fix this? There are enough things trying to kill us in the world, we don't need to be perpetuating policies that also try to kill us.

Thoughts and prayers are great but do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence. I'm tired of thoughts, I'm tired of prayers. Let's just get it done. Also, we don't need any more time to mourn, nice try. It's time for action.

Where are you at, legislators? It's time to hop out of bed with the NRA and get to the business of governing.