While We're Passenger-Shaming, Here Are 50 Other Shame-Worthy Behaviors

"Modern Family" editor Ryan Case live-tweeted about being seated behind the world's worst passenger ever -- and the story went viral, proving again that bad behavior in the age of the Internet can't escape attention. And while airline passengers' behavior -- going barefoot on a plane? really? -- has drawn plenty of "ewwwws" on the Facebook page Passenger Shaming, we got to thinking about all the other self-absorbed and inconsiderate acts we live with. Huff/Post50 senior editor Shelley Emling wrote about how rude people have gotten lately and we came up with 50 more things perhaps equally worthy of shaming. If you have some pet peeves of your own, please add them to the comments.

1. The term "Mommy jeans." Are there "Daddy jeans?" We think not.

2. Newspapers that offer you better delivery deals after you cancel your subscription. And this rewards customer loyalty exactly how?

3. People whose social lives consist of going to a different exercise class every night and talking about it every day.

4. Millennials who make every sentence sound like a question.

5. Online stores that charge for shipping and handling.

6. People who have never watched "Thelma and Louise." They only think they know about friendship.
thelma and louise and susan sarandon

7. Airlines that charge you more to board first because sitting in your aisle seat and getting bumped a million times is such a privilege.

8. Snobby waiters who make you feel unworthy of the food. Good service means pleasing the customer, not the chef.

9. People who don't look at the menu before approaching the counter at fast-casual restaurants, delaying everyone else in line behind them.

10. Loud people in enclosed places.

11. Loud people in the wilderness.

12. Loud people anywhere on the planet.

13. The guy in the open-seating office who takes meeting calls on his speaker phone because he is a loud person.

14. Whoever takes the last peanut butter Kind bar from the office kitchen.

15. People who use the office Vitamix to make their veggie smoothie and then don't wash it out for the next person.

16. Doctors who overbook and keep you waiting.

17. Doctors who don't validate parking.

18. Malls that charge you to park.

19. Restaurants that charge you to valet park in their lot.

20. Bicyclists who hog the lane, "daring" cars to run them over.

21. Drivers who cut in front of you and then slam on the brakes to teach you a lesson for driving the speed limit.

22. Ad agencies that think a size 12 is a plus size.

23. People who talk through movie previews.
person talking during movie

24. People who ask what you do for a living before deciding whether to talk to you at a party.

25. Writers who use periods. thinking. they're. funny. It's old already.

26. People who toss around the word "reinvention" like it's something easy to do even though they've never actually attempted it themselves.

27. People who don't hold elevator doors when they see you coming. Rude.

28. People who don't hold doors when they see you coming. Ruder.

29. People who check texts when you are talking to them. Rudest.

30. People you see in the supermarket who know you but don't say hello to you.

31. People who ask when you are going to retire. (We just tell them, "The day after you do.")

32. People who ask when you will let your hair go gray. (See above reply.)

33. People who don't flush their toilet seat protecter in public restrooms.

34. Younger people who call older people "adorable" or "cute."

35. Posting how blessed you are on Facebook, daily. If you were so blessed, you'd have something better to do with your time.

36. Dog owners who don't pick up poop.

37. Anyone who turns a 10-year-old pet in to the animal shelter for whatever reason.
cute dog

38. People who block in your car and then saunter over to move it without apology.

39. People who say "no problem" when they mean "you're welcome" and people who respond to "thank you" with "uh-huh."

40. Phone loops that want you to punch in your 16-digit account number before you can speak with a live person, who then immediately asks for your 16-digit account number.

41. People who blast their car radios so loud that it makes your car vibrate.

42. Litterbugs. Didn't we pass laws decades ago telling you to not use the ground as your garbage can?

43. Smokers who pollute our air. Seriously?

44. Using a cell phone on speaker in public and shouting into it. Just hold it up to your ear. Your business really isn't that interesting to us.

45. People with so much time on their hands that they pepper you with inspirational sayings and old Internet rumors all day long.

46. Bullies.

47. Reality TV shows that shame people and encourage bullying.
reality show and kardashian

48. People who binge-watch TV and then talk about it without spoiler alerts.

49. The fact that there is no cure for bunions.

50. People who whine and make lists like this.



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