This Is How You Should Be Shampooing Your Hair

THIS Is How You Should Shampoo Your Hair

Shampooing your hair may seem like second nature to you after all these years, but you could be doing it all wrong.

While we'd like to blame all those luxurious shampoo commercials for teaching bad habits, there are hair washing mistakes that we need to own up to. PopSugar Beauty editor Maria Del Russo shares six tips in the video above to help us all wash our hair better. Here's how to suds up the correct way:

1. Saturate your hair with water before applying any shampoo. Then be sure to completely rinse product out to prevent build-up.

2. Avoid piling your strands on top of your head, as this creates tangles and knots.

3. Handle your hair gently and use your fingertips to massage your scalp.

4. There is no need to lather, rinse and repeat every time you shampoo unless your hair is extremely dirty.

5. Shampoo your hair less frequently -- no more than twice a week because the oils on your scalp are actually good for your hair.

6. Women with curly, thick or dry hair should cleanse with a conditioner instead to maintain moisture, as many shampoos contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates that strip hair of moisture.

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