Man Takes Retired Racehorse Out For Ride, It Doesn't End Well

Whoaaa, Shamrock!

Here’s a textbook case of immediate regret. 

When Nick Bull decided to take Shamrock, a retired racehorse, out for a light trot, he didn’t expect to be holding on for dear life. Unfortunately for Nick, ol’ Sham decided to briefly relive the glory days.

“Whoaaa, Shamrock. Oh, Jesus Christ. Sham, Sham, whoaaaaaa. Whoa, Sham. Oh dear. Sham. Whoa. Whoa, Shamrock. Whooaaaaa,” is about as much as rider Nick Bull could scream as he went for a ride he won’t soon forget.

But nay, this isn’t a Shamwow commercial. That man really wants to slow down that horse.

“Please excuse the bad language and girly screams at the end,” Bull wrote in the YouTube description. We get it, you were launched from a horse. Scream all you want.