Shane Dawson: Watch Teens Reacting To YouTube Star's Videos

Have you heard of Shane Dawson? Chances are, you have, considering his YouTube channel is the 5th most subscribed of all time and in 2011 he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award because of his popularity among young people. His videos, which he writes and films himself, are short, humorous skits that feature Dawson dressed up and acting as different characters. So, the question is: How funny is he, really?

In the video above, a group of teens were filmed watching his videos on their computers -- one of which includes Dawson's character being vomited on by his "date." Reactions ranged from laughter, to "eww," to "it's just not my humor." The verdict, though, is that these viewers believed Shane Dawson's videos are vehicles for a larger message. As one teen put it, "he's trying to show kids that their experiences aren't that bad, it could be worse," and another even explained that his videos are "inspirational to watch."

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