Shane Shuyler, Alleged Bath Salts User, Arrested After Exposing Himself To Toddler At Park (VIDEO)

A man police believe was under the influence of a synthetic drug called "bath salts” was arrested after allegedly exposing himself to a 3-year-old girl at a North Miami Beach playground.

Investigators say Shane Shuyler, 40, stripped naked and laid on a park bench June 6 at a children’s playground at 16901 NE 19th Ave, which is located directly behind the North Miami Beach Police station.

“Come here pretty girl, I wanna stick it in you,” Shuyler allegedly said while reaching toward a 3-year-old girl, exposing himself to her, her stepbrother, and mother Meline Matute as they walked through the park, according to the police report.

“I got scared because he went direct to my little girl, and then I start running,” Matute told NBC Miami.

The next day a detective spotted Shuyler, who reportedly admitted to the incident. According to video from a bond court appearance on incident exposure charges, Shuyler was found with bath salts.

“In his wallet was what appears to be bath salts,” a detective told the judge, while Shuyler, wearing a padded suit, denied it. “Upon talking to him, he made some statements to me which led me to believe that he was cooling off in a fountain by the tot lot because he was hot; which is consistent with ingesting bath salts.”

Bath salts, a synthetic amphetamine cocktail available on the street and in convenience stores and smoke shops, have been on the national radar after police officials suggested “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene was on the drug when he chewed off homeless man Ronald Poppo's face on the MacArthur Causeway May 26.

Other cases of possible or alleged bath salt use have continued making headlines. In Miami, barking Brandon DeLeon was allegedly under the influence of synthetic drug Cloud 9, alcohol, xanax, and caffeinated drink Four Loko when he tried to bite police who were arresting him.

In Louisiana, Carl Jacquneaux was arrested when he bit off a piece of his neighbor’s cheek. Jacquneaux’s friend said he was using bath salts, but it has not been confirmed and a drug test was not conducted.

According to NBC Miami, Shuyler was ordered held on $15,000 bond.

WATCH: Bath salts drug bust in Indiana: