Comedian Hilariously Defends Guy Fieri, And He's Absolutely Right

“Because he has flames on his shirt, everybody s**ts all over him like he’s a member of Nickelback.”

You may think that Guy Fieri is as appealing as cheese from a can while “walkin’ on the sun.” But what did he ever do to you?

This is the premise of comedian Shane Torres’ very funny defense of Fieri, featured on his debut standup album, “Established 1981,” out Sept. 8.

In the bit, Torres explores our apparent universal hatred for the Mayor of Flavortown — a man who, Torres points out, gives to charities and helps out small businesses.

During Torres’ four minutes and 26 seconds of pure hilarity (featured below), he also ponders why most people don’t have similar feelings toward another, more beloved celebrity chef, who Torres describes as “the kind of person who would be mean to dogs.”

To hear something truthful enough that you’ll actually consider maybe (not really) checking out Guy’s American Kitchen And Bar someday, just listen to his set below. 

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