Teary Mom Facing Jail Time Allegedly Spent Donations On 'Baby Daddy's Rap Album'

Teary Mom Facing Jail Time Allegedly Spent Donations On 'Baby Daddy's Rap Album'

Arizona mom Shanesha Taylor could have avoided jail time had she spent money donated to her by supporters on her children.

Now prosecutors say the Arizona mom spent $114,000 in money donated to her on trivial things, including studio time for "her baby daddy's rap album," a former supporter told the New York Daily News.

Taylor, 43, was charged with felony abuse earlier this year after she left her two young children in the car while she went on a job interview. She was homeless at the time, and said she had no means of caring for her 2-year-old and 6-year-old. Her story circulated, and some 4,000 people donated more than $114,700 in a crowdfunding campaign to help out her family.

Prosecutors in Phoenix said she could avoid jail time if she put $40,000 of that donated money into a trust fund for her children. But there's no indication that she ever did.

In fact, her charges were reinstated for failing to meet her deadline, which was imposed by a judge. Prosecutors say she was spending more than $4,000 a month on non-essential items, and a civil rights leader who helped raise money for her has changed his tune.

"We had someone call my office and alert her attorney to the fact that she spent $6,000 at a music studio in Tempe to finish her baby daddy's rap album," Reverend Jarrett Maupin told ABC-15. "That's not what people gave her that money for."

Taylor denies the allegations, though it's still unclear where the money went. She's reportedly trying to raise money again.

She's due back in court in December.

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