Shangri-La Diet Phenomenology

You can simulate loss of smell by closing your nose with swimmer's nose clips ($4) when eating and many SLD dieters have done just that.
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Some interesting observations related to the Shangri-La Diet have come my way recently:

1. From the Shangri-La Diet forums:

I stumbled on SLD when, after a sinus infection, I lost my ability to smell and therefore also taste the flavor of the food I was eating. I could only tell if the food was sweet, sour or salty. I was devastated especially after reading that it could very well be permanent. During those days I noticed how much the flavor of the food means to me but also how my appetite was affected. I just didn't want to eat. After 3-4 days my ability to smell started to return slowly and to my great joy so did my appetite.

Many people have had similar experiences. You can simulate loss of smell by closing your nose with swimmer's nose clips ($4) when eating and many SLD dieters have done just that. As far as I can tell, it works. By what factor is that easier, cheaper, faster, and safer than bariatric surgery? One million?

2. Kris from South Carolina wrote me:

I have an interesting side effect of the SLD diet: I have not peeled from sunburn. I have been using the extra light olive oil. I have light skin and usually peel even after a minor sunburn. It has not happened since I have been taking the oil. I tested it last week at the beach. Several hours on the beach with no sunscreen. I got a little red but after a week-no peeling. I've also lost 25 lbs in a couple of months.

3. A fascinating thread in the Shangri-La Diet forums about unexpected reactions to weight loss:

As I've lost a significant amount of weight and really started looking different, I've started noticing more . . . unsupportive behavior. One of them has started offering little biting comments about my size. . . . The other has started getting very upset with me as I approach her weight. . . . When one of their husbands commented on how nice I looked I thought I might be murdered in my sleep.

I had a friend once tell me I was a "traitor" when I lost a lot of weight.

The dragon used to have an issue with my weight, now I've lost a lot, she still has an issue.

Then the discussion wandered slightly:

I used to have hair down almost to my bottom & was used to getting lots & lots of attention.....I just thought men liked me...then I cut my hair quite short...whallah....where did all the men go? Very interesting & sobering experience.

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