Why 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Wants You To Forgive Shania Twain

"That one vote doesn’t define her as a woman."

Count “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown among those who are willing to forgive Shania Twain for her recent comments on President Donald Trump

Twain, a Canadian native who lives primarily in Switzerland, sparked a backlash this weekend after implying in an interview that she would’ve backed Trump in the 2016 election. The country-pop songstress issued an apology for her remarks, saying she does not “hold any common moral beliefs” with the president. 

Still, resentment among many of Twain’s LGBTQ fans lingers, especially given the fact that the interview came days after the star’s much-hyped “RuPaul’s Drag Race” appearance. For Brown, however, it’s water under the bridge. 

“As a community, we are very forgiving,” the culture guru told entertainment journalist Marc Malkin, as seen in the video above. “It’s in our nature, because we have been treated so [badly] by people in our family and our friends who didn’t accept us as we go on our journeys that we’ve learned how to be empathetic and to forgive.”  

Brown pointed out that as a Canadian, Twain isn’t eligible to participate in U.S. elections, but that “many of our friends and family members did make that vote.” 

“Let’s be honest,” he said, “that one vote doesn’t define her as a woman.” 

Brown’s comments came as part of a larger interview with Malkin, who previously worked for E! News and The Insider. Later in the chat, he opened up about why he identifies as gay rather than queer. 

“Through the years, I understand the reclaiming the power with it, but ‘queer’ is more an umbrella that encompasses so many other people,” he said. “For me, I identify as a gay man.”

Watch the full interview with Brown here