This Blessed Music Video Turns Doodling Into A Spiritual Experience

It's a beautiful thing when two entirely different art forms fit so well together that the boundaries between vision and sound, hand and ear, line and note, begin to blur. We're feeling that particular kind of synesthesia after watching "Anthropomorph," a new music video by guitar goddess Kaki King in collaboration with visual artist and doodle expert Shantell Martin.

The video, which premiered on The Creator's Project, feels like a full-body experience, an improvisational swim through an endless stream of senses. Martin, who is known for her ability to turn black and white lines into wild and otherworldly jungles, allows her various contours and shapes to guide the way, illuminating an infinite profusion of faces, creatures and images that defy categorization.

Martin started off by creating freestyle drawings to accompany King's solo guitar. "Music really helps give my lines and words life, it brings a natural spring to them," she explained to The Creator's Project. "Listening and creating live to Kaki's piece was almost like meditating: becoming lost in the song; so full and present." Inspired by Martin's images, King then went back and added percussion, horns, finger snapping, and organs to create the final track, yielding a multilayered weaving of sounds and shapes.

Full screen this one folks. And see some gorgeous still shots below.



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