Shaq And Gilbert Arenas' Fiance Having An Affair?

Shaq And Gilbert Arenas' Fiance Having An Affair?

Rumors continue to swirl that Shaquille O'Neal and Laura Govan, the fiance of Wizards star Gilbert Arenas, are embroiled in an affair. The web site Young, Black & Fabulous reported last week that Shaq and Govan had become involved, posting alleged emails between Govan and the 7'1" center. One of the emails, allegedly from Govan, said she would meet with Shaq "as long as u taste me and make me cum LOL." See all of the emails here.

This followed a post at that detailed the tribulations of Arenas and Govan's relationship, complete with subpoenas and child custody battles. BlitzCorner also obtained photos of Govan.

Events have continued to unfold this week. TMZ reported yesterday that Shaq's wife, Shaunie O'Neal, traveled to California to seek legal separation from the Cavs center.

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