Shaq Can't Stop Burning Charles Barkley, And It's Hilarious

It may not be the fiercest rivalry in all of sports, but it sure is entertaining.

Shaq and Charles Barkley have been trading barbs since their days on the court, a tradition which thankfully has transitioned from physical jabs to verbal ones. Exhibit A: Shaq's burn-via-Twitter Thursday night while Barkley was on CBS, helping commentate college basketball.

The network sprung the diss on Barkley in the middle of a segment, introducing it as the "Tweet of the night."

After some good-natured ribbing, Barkley acknowledged Shaq's humor, saying, "You know what? He's one of the most fun people I've ever worked with. He's great to work with."

Earlier this week, Shaq couldn't resist teasing Barkley for his fashion sense, tweeting, "hey chuck is that vest to [sic] tight or are you pregnant"?

And even "Saturday Night Live" has gotten in on the action, mocking both Barkley and Shaq together in a recurring bit: