Here's What Happens When You Try To Take A Pic With Shaq

"He turned around and had to look waaaay down to find me."

Just FYI, if you're a normal human being who happens to spot Shaquille O'Neal at a bar and asks for a picture, it might be hard for you to get your head in the frame, as the five-foot-two Danielle Estefan comically discovered on Monday.

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Estefan was at her neighborhood sports bar in Doral, Florida, when she and her friend spotted "this huge 'wall'" with his back initially turned away from them. When Estefan realized the identity of the wall, she tapped Shaq on the back and asked for a picture.

From the very first moment of the encounter between the young artist and the basketball-playing barrier, there was an issue with the, uh, height discrepancy.

"He turned around and had to look waaaay down to find me," Estefan told HuffPost in an email. In parentheses, she added, "he totally looked past the top of my head."

According to Estefan, Shaq agreed to the photo and then took a few more with other patrons and employees of the bar, as well. On any given night, dozens of other poorly framed photographs must be brought into existence with "the James Franco of sports."

It's said that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but the Great Wall of Shaq is so big, you can similarly lose your very self in the magnificence.

"Everything after [getting the picture] was sort of a blur," Estefan said. "We were so starstruck."