Shaquille O'Neal, Aaron Carter Rematch: Basketball Star Gets Revenge On 'Teenage Heartthrob'

Twelve years ago, at the ripe age of 13, Aaron Carter proclaimed to the world that he had bested Shaquille O'Neal. Carter is 25 now, and the 41-year-old basketball legend is finally getting his revenge.

"Nothing compares to the pain of my 2001 loss to teenage heartthrob Aaron Carter," O'Neal explains at the start of a video that aired Thursday night on his show "Upload with Shaquille O'Neal."

The rest is equally painful. Shaq desecrates Carter in a rematch that results in a runaway victory for the former Lakers star.

The jokey segment was part of O'Neal's current truTV series in which he highlights viral videos as well as creates some of his own, as evidenced here.

Just in case you needed a reminder, here's the original gem: