Shaquille O'Neal Graduates: His 8 Dumbest Quotes As He Earns An Ed.D From Barry University

Dr. Shaq's Dumbest Quotes

This Saturday, NBA retiree and doctoral candidate Shaquille O'Neal will toss his graduation cap with fellow students from Miami Shores' Barry University.

“Kids can still call me Shaq, but adults should call me Dr. O’Neal," he told the Miami Herald -- but has all the schooling worked, or does the gregarious guy just play dumb to entertain us?

We totally expect it's the latter. The 'Big Aristotle' will receive an Ed.D in organizational learning and leadership at the James L. Knight Center with more than 1,200 other students. Though Shaq left Louisiana State early to pursue a career with the NBA, he returned in 2000 to finish his degree (the school recently erected "the best sculpture in the country" in his honor). And in 2005, Shaq earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Still, with all that homework behind him, Shaq says a lot of dumb stuff. Besides hating on the Heat -- see him bash our beloved Chris Bosh below -- he's messed up math, screwed up spelling, and generally made a few hilariously obtuse comments. Click below for a few of our favorite Shaq-isms, deliberate and otherwise:

Shaq on winning

Shaq's Dumbest Quotes

WATCH: You mess with Bosh, you mess with the rest of us:

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