The Price Of Shaquille O'Neal's New Home In Florida Is Actually Reasonable

It’s unbelievable.

When we first saw Shaquille O’Neal’s 70,000-square-foot mansion on “Cribs" a couple of years back, we were impressed to say the least. But what has our interest even more than that is Shaq’s new and much, much less expensive second home.

According to TMZ, the NBA superstar purchased a five bedroom, four bathroom abode for $235,000 located in Mount Dora, Florida -- just minutes away from his current home that has 11 bedrooms and 13 baths.

We’re not sure what O’Neal will do with such a humble abode. Perhaps he will rent it or maybe use it as storage for his obscene amount of cars. Either way, we’re rather surprised and appreciative of his investment. After all, not all good design has to come with a huge price tag.

Watch the video above to see Shaq’s more expensive abode on MTV “Cribs” and head over to TMZ for the full story.

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