What It Looks Like To 'Share' A Bathroom When You're In A Relationship

Illustrator Priscila Barbosa gives us a glimpse into her very relatable morning routine.

Compliments will get you everywhere in a relationship.

Artist Priscila Barbosa, who created the cheeky illustration below, can certainly vouch for that. The artist lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with her partner of five years and three cats. Needless to say, things can get a little crammed in their space, especially in the bathroom.

Here’s how their morning routine usually goes:

“He asks me to go a little bit to the side, I ask him to use another mirror, and the fight is repeated every time!” she told HuffPost.

Barbosa admits she’s a little feistier than her S.O., so she can usually elbow her way in front of the mirror. A well-placed compliment does wonders, too, though.

“Usually, a good way to get rid of him with love is to just say say that he already looks really handsome!” she joked.

Well played, madame.

Barbosa has previously illustrated for HuffPost what it’s like to share a bed with an S.O. and the struggle to find something to wear, even if your closet is full to the brim with clothes. To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram and Tumblr, or visit her website.

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