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Alexandra Lind Rose and Trisha Gregory are two entrepreneurs with a shared vision: taking the stress out of looking amazing while offering the details found in a luxury lifestyle experience.
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Trisha Gregory and Alexandra Lind Rose, Co-Founders of Armarium

Alexandra Lind Rose and Trisha Gregory are two entrepreneurs with a shared vision: taking the stress out of looking amazing while offering the details found in a luxury lifestyle experience. The Armarium Chalet at the St Regis, New York City will be opening this holiday season to surpass the expectations of what clients know of previous styling services. A curated collection of designer women's clothing for loan along with expert styling advice have been combined to create an elevated wardrobe experience. Ferragamo, Etro, Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel and newly discovered designers are available. This launch concept will serve as a precursor of what is to come when the duo rolls out an invite only mobile app in Spring 2016.

The "Pop Up" shop will live in the storied St Regis Hotel with interiors designed by famed interior designer Bronson van Wyck. Every detail has been carefully considered so that today's woman of luxury can feel at ease during this holiday season and stay focused on the joy in her life. The shop not only offers styling services but also carefully selected items for her gifting needs from unique vintage accessories to artisan cocktail mixers from Arrowhead Farms to the covetable lifestyle pieces of Aerin. I sat down with Alex and Trisha to find out a little more about their perspective on launching this niche endeavor.

EP- How did the two of you meet and at what point did your friendship spark the idea of this business?

ALR- Trisha and I met years ago through social connections but a little over a year ago we realized the need for high luxury, statement pieces on loan. We want to express that feeling when you call your most stylish best friend to borrow a coveted statement look for the night but with an individual spin. A trusted confidant of style who will support you instead of competing with you and has your back like a sister.

EP-Who are the women you are talking to with your service?

TG- We are talking to women of all ages and have the need to stand out. This woman could be attending a gala but might want our service for a dinner party she's hosting. She wants to pamper herself without the commitment of a purchase. The sharing community has proven business models such as Air BnB or Uber. Why not apply these logistics to your luxury wardrobe?

EP-Two women collaborating on an idea sounds exciting but also stressful. How have you been able to work together to make this into a reality?

ALR- Shared vision and trust.

TG- A lot of hard work. If we didn't truly believe in what we are doing then this would be a job and not a passion.

EP-Opening a "Pop Up" shop in New York City during the holidays sounds a little crazy. What is your driving force?

ALR- I know we have found a niche that will make a difference in so many ways. Our service makes pieces available or convenient for the client. We can deliver a once in a lifetime experience or a go to for women who have demanding wardrobe needs.

EP-Who are some of your business idols and where do you see yourself taking this concept?

TG- That's a good question. One of the exciting parts of this journey is striking forth into uncharted territory. Yes, there are other concepts that work on a loan basis but nothing like what we have to offer. It's a mash up of fashion-commerce-tech-luxury-service. I think it's a fresh perspective on a retail styling concept and an obvious need for women who love .serious high fashion.

EP-I love women in business and have worked for women, been to conferences about women in business, etc, etc. Do you have any comments about what it is like in today's climate for women in business?

ALR- I don't think of myself as a woman in business...I am a person in business.

EP-What advice can you give for young women thinking about opening a business?

TG- Step forward, take risks and don't look back. Believe in yourself and stop looking for acceptance. Be yourself!

EP-Lastly, this all sounds really hectic. Once you get through the holidays...what is your plan to recharge?

TG- First I will be bringing the collection to Aspen for New Year's. I'd love to head to an island to get a tan and recharge, but that's not likely with our impending big launch for spring.

ALR- Lots of laughs with my family and friends!