Sharing My Lot In Life

On the many roads to growing up I heard different takes on the profound philosophical notion of accepting "My Lot in Life." As a Christian, I was inculcated with the precept that God is "Love" and in charge of my destiny.

In my youth I would hear at transportation terminals, on the streets and especially in Washington Square Park the Hare Krishna's chants. Their mantra revealed that our inner consciousness and life goal are the "Pure Love of God." This "Prime Imperative" is part of the Eastern philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism and helps place into context the belief system that speaks to us of "Good" and "Bad" Karma.

As an adult I have long since learned to share "My Lot" with folks not necessarily of my liking, accepting them as also being children of God. I have, like Rodney King, often uttered the phrase - "Can We Just Get Along." In the realm of religion, I have shared "My Lot" with those of other faiths believing that this was in keeping with the fundamentals of not only my religion but that of every faith or creed on the planet. In the realm of politics I have broken bread with my Republican friends and we have managed to remain civil and hold on to our friendships. As a progressively minded individual I have refrained from labeling them as the "enemy." For the most part. And when speaking to young people I implore them to exercise their voting franchise, for many have died protecting it, and doing so without pushing one party over another. Again, for the most part.

Now, having waved goodbye to my middle age, I am left to ponder what is to become of "My Lot." As I struggle to come to terms with the possibility of my next temporal ruler being none other than Donald J. Trump I question whether I should remain in these here parts. How did "My Lot in Life" come to this? Bad Karma or the Will of God? As a Christian do I just turn the other cheek to Trump's antics? Or do I kneel in Prayer, or as my Muslim brethren throughout Islam do, get on all my fours and Pray five times daily? After all, Prayers are the manifestation of one's faith and are filled with the promise of being answered. Even medical doctors have come to accept the miraculous healing powers of Prayer.

Maybe, I would be better off joining those from the East and sing the Maha-mantra with those seeking "Enlightenment"? Whatever I do will require me to decide whether to "Pray" for "The Donald," for our nation, or for both. Talk about learning to share "My Lot!" These days I worship with the Universalists Unitarians who seem to embrace the scriptural teachings that "there are many rooms" in the Lord's house and themselves make room for all to worship together. They must be rubbing off on me.

Of course, a part of me still wonders whether to simply throw "The Donald" off "My Lot" and, without getting too sanctimonious, the Lord never intended for me to share "My Lot" with, as some have called him, Lucifer. Perhaps, as the Minister was preaching earlier this month, I should be sure to throw "My Lot" in with, not the winners or losers of this election, but with the rest of the Americans who will be left suffering in the aftermath. Still, an act of Sanctifying Grace might just save us from the precipice. God Willing.