Shark Attack: Connecticut Resident Barely Survives!

Well, it seems that Brian Williams will, ultimately, survive the feeding frenzy that all but devoured his carcass and career. I am happy to see that NBC is standing by him to the best of their ability, given the "lampooning" that they also received at the hands of one giant fish tale told.

No doubt, Mr. Williams' bad judgment unleashed a fury of controversy. The blood bath that ensued was definitely Emmy award-winning but was it justified? In my opinion, it was not. The fact is...Brian Williams is "human." He made a mistake. He might have made a boatload of them in his longstanding media-based history. That said, I have yet to meet the man or woman worthy of casting a stone his way.

I'm not making light of what Brian Williams did. I'm not defending his actions or his reputation as a journalist. He is not a friend nor have I ever met him. What I am doing is merely trying to remind everyone of the one "truth" that rests amongst all of the untruths swallowing Brian Williams whole these days -- that Brian Williams isn't perfect despite what we would like to believe of him.

Brian Williams is a man doing a job. Did he "stumble" in doing that job? Yes. Is the punishment befitting the crime? I don't think so. Brian should not have lied but we should not idolize our media into assuming inaccurate, unsustainable positions within our society...then take joy in their pain as these people fall from grace.

It sickened me to see how eager so many in the media were to crucify him. The shame he, obviously, felt was only exasperated by the shame foisted upon him by those he stands side-by-side with every day. "If it bleeds, it leads," is a well-known phrase within the news industry which designates the pertinence of any story. I guess Brian Williams' years of "Exceptionalism" played no part in making him the "exception" to this rule. Certainly, the powers that be at NBC are doing what they can to salvage his talent and future, but I hardly think that Brian Williams will ever be the same again, personally or professionally.

The blood in the water is too thick and people too unforgiving and enamored by the pain of another to cause any other result. And if you question the reality of that statement, just consider the various reasons that you were drawn to the headline above. Was it purely "curiosity' that made you stop and read this story over another? Or was it something more?

"Brian, I wish you much luck in keeping your head above water -- wherever and however you may, ultimately, land. God knows others will be trolling the swells around you for some time to come in hopes of catching you in, yet, another whopper. Learn from this but don't allow yourself to be taken under by it." This my advice to you as you dive back into the "limelight" again.