Shark Mistakes Inflatable Boat For Chew Toy (VIDEO)

What do you do when a great white shark decides that the tiny boat you are riding in looks like the perfect chew toy?

You quickly and calmly start heading back to shore. You get as close as you possibly can and start taking pictures.

That's not official safety protocol, but that's how the filmmakers at MaxAnimal were able to get the epic shark footage below. The crew, according to the MaxAnimal Facebook page, was floating somewhere off the coast of South Africa while filming for their YouTube channel when a great white started munching ferociously through the rubber edges of their inflatable boat.

While the encounter was intense (bonus points for the added soundtrack), the MaxAnimal crew assured worried YouTube commenters that the attack was "completely unprovoked" and everyone, including the shark, "made it out alive."

What would you do if a shark began chewing through your boat? Watch the video below and give us your answer in the comments!



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