Shark Attack Prank Video Shows Friends Push Man Into Water, Then Laugh

WATCH: HORRIBLE Prank Nearly Causes Shark Attack

There are some things that friends do: pick you up when you're down, lend an ear and a shoulder when you need it, you know -- friend stuff. Then there are things friends don't do.

And on the top of the "don't" list? Friends don't push friends into shark-infested oceans, then laugh when the pushed friend narrowly escapes getting eaten.

Enter exhibit "A," prime video evidence one man needs to seek out a new group of friends. In the video, a group of youngsters are skimming along the ocean in a boat when one gets pushed into the water. The shark-infested water. Those in the boat all laugh uproariously as a gigantic creature appears to almost eat their friend.

According to the description provided on YouTube, the video features a Basking shark, a species that's generally considered harmless. Safe or no, there's nothing harmless about the heart attack our young protagonist must have suffered as a result of this cruel prank.

[Hat tip: Reddit]

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