Scary Shark Attack Video Shows Just How Violent Great Whites Can Be

What's it like to be attacked by a Great White shark? Now's your chance to find out--and you don't have to risk life and limb.

A scary new video from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution spotlights the moment when the giant fish closes its big and very toothy mouth on its "prey"--in this case a torpedo-like underwater "sharkcam" known as REMUS. Check it out above.

The gripping footage was recorded in 2013 by the six different cameras onboard REMUS during its deployment off the west coast of Mexico. REMUS had been deployed there as part of a research project on the predatory behavior of sharks. But soon enough, as the video explains ominously, "the hunter became the hunted."

In addition to the graphic images, REMUS captured the spine-tingling sounds of shark teeth clamping down on the vehicle's metal exterior.


Scary or not, however, shark attacks are a lot less common than you might imagine. According to National Geographic, your lifetime risk of dying from the flu is 1 in 63. Your risk of being killed by a shark? One in 3,700,000.