Shaun Harrington Goes Shark Diving In A Birdcage.. Guess What Happens Next

This stunt could go down in record books for "The Dumbest Thing Ever Done In Shark Infested Waters."

When Shaun Harrington found out that there was a six to eight foot tiger shark spotted in waters off Coolangatta, Queensland, he did what any reasonable, life-loving person would do. He grabbed a flimsy, wire birdcage and a GoPro and jumped into the water.

Of course -- of course! -- things didn't go as planned.

After yelling, "Feel me rage, I'm in the cage!" and jumping into ocean, Harrington suddenly "just didn't feel right," he told Australia's Today. He yelled to the camera crew, who was shooting a video for their website TheMadHueys.com, to pull him out. They just laughed.

That's when the tiger shark lunged towards Harrington from behind. In a last minute attempt to save himself, he threw the cage at the shark.

Luckily, the 27-year-old daredevil walked away from the waters unharmed. He may have lost his wife, however, who Harrington says is not talking to him.

"It's not the smartest thing," Harrington said of the stunt.

We totally agree.