Baby Shark Fell Out Of The Sky And Into Virginia Family's Backyard

Baby Shark Fell Out Of The Sky And Into Family's Backyard

The producers of Shark Week couldn't have planned it better.

A 13-inch shark fell from the sky and landed in a family's backyard in Virginia Beach, Virginia, last week, according to WAVY news.

Sue Bowser told WAVY that her kids found the shark near a pond in their backyard. It was already dead and bloody with what she presumed were talon marks on its body.

A scientist at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation said the baby shark looks like a smooth dogfish shark, which reside in coastal waters nearby, according to The Virginian-Pilot. It's likely that an osprey or other large bird dropped its prey while flying overhead. That's common in the area, where ospreys are plentiful.

The Virginia Aquarium wasn't interested in taking the shark, so Bowser is keeping it in a plastic bag next to her homemade applesauce in a freezer in the garage, WAVY reported. The family pulls it out for show and tell to curious neighbors and friends.

"This could be the shark house," Bowser told WAVY. "But hopefully not too many more will be falling from the sky."

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