Shark Jumps Over Surfer: Crazy Clip Captures Fish Out Of Water (VIDEO)

WATCH: Shark Jumps Over Surfer

The craziest thing about this video might be that the cameraman didn't even know it happened.

Jacob Langston, a photographer for The Orlando Sentinel, accidentally took this video last week while he was taping surfers at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. While he didn't see the shark jump himself, his camera did.

According to Yahoo Sports, the fish is likely a four-foot spinner shark, a species that is common in the area.

"They are pretty common at the inlet," Langston told Yahoo. "People get photos of them all the time jumping out of the water. The surfers knew immediately what it was."

But the experience of having a shark jump over you is nonetheless rare. Catching it on camera is even more miraculous.


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