Sharks Swarm In Thousands Off Florida Coast (VIDEO)

WATCH: Thousands Of Sharks Swarm 50 Yards Off Florida's Coast

As if one shark isn't intimidating enough, thousands of sharks were spotted swarming just 50 yards off the coast of Boca Raton, Florida this week.

Biologists say that this is the time of year when sharks migrate to warmer waters. According to a CBS News report, the sharks swim close to the shore in search of bait fish.

Sharks have been causing quite a stir recently - a diver was recently killed by two great white sharks off Australia's coast, and a new report found that shark attacks rose by 25% in 2010 (although interestingly, shark attacks decreased in Florida). Meanwhile, California has proposed a ban to stop the sale of shark fins, as up to 70 million sharks are killed per year by humans.

WATCH the massive shark swarm:

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