Shark Week Meets 'Sharknado' As Tara Reid And Ian Ziering Drop By 'Shark After Dark Live' (VIDEO)

Tara Reid Was 'Crying Laughing' Over The 'Sharknado' Script

Discovery's Shark Week met "Sharknado" as the camp movie's stars, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, dropped by "Shark After Dark Live," the official Shark Week talk show. Reid admitted that she was dying laughing the first time she read the script for "Sharknado."

"That night I went out to dinner with my friends, and I was telling them about this crazy script I just read, and everyone was just crying laughing. ‘Tara, you have to do this. It’s hilarious.’ It’s classic!” Reid said.

Both Reid and Ziering said they were shocked that the "shlock-buster," as Ziering dubbed it, turned into an overnight cult-classic. Reid has been doing a ton of press for the film's international release. And it was so popular on the small screen, "Sharknado" was actually released in theaters. The film sold out midnight screenings in New York, Boston and Seattle.

On Syfy, the movie brought in 1.4 million viewers during its initial airing in July. Two subsequent airings saw those ratings increase and increase again -- up to 1.9 million viewers and then 2.1 million viewers for its third airing. It's no wonder Syfy greenlit a 2014 sequel almost immediately.

"Shark After Dark Live" airs every night during Shark Week on Discovery at 11 p.m ET.

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