Shark Within A Shark Picture By ORB LAB Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTO)

LOOK: Shark Within A Shark


Researchers at the University of Delaware's ORB LAB posted this photo of a shark within a shark on Facebook in late July. The lab memebers were using a small fish called a menhaden as bait to recapture sharks they had previously tagged.

According to the Facebook post, a 3-foot-long shark known as a dogfish swam up and snatched the bait moments before a large female sand tiger shark swallowed the dogfish.


GrindTV posted about the photo Wednesday, calling the shark-on-shark-on-fish action the "Turducken of the sea."

According to ORB LAB, the sand tiger shark was released alive after researchers gave it a small ID tag.

For those humans who fear ending up in the same position as the inner shark, you may want to take a look at this infographic, which demonstrates just how much greater a threat we are to sharks than sharks are to us.


CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the dogfish was tagged and released alive. The sand tiger shark was tagged and released alive, while the dogfish was eaten by the sand tiger shark. The sand tiger shark was also incorrectly called simply a "tiger shark" on subsequent references.

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