7 Glaring 'Sharknado' Plot Holes Are Finally Explained

There's a logical answer for all of it.

"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" is finally premiering Wednesday on Syfy, and despite lackluster reviews (This is "Sharknado," what do you expect?), writer Thunder Levin promises the third installment has "three times the sharks and three times the 'nados.'" Oh. Hell. Yes.

Recently, Levin chatted with The Huffington Post and answered all of our hard-hitting "Sharknado" questions: He said when it came to celebs, The Rock would have a great chance against a Sharknado while T-Swift probably wouldn't; we haven't seen a "Tursharken" (like a Turducken but with sharks) yet because it keeps getting cut from the script; and, if he had to choose between Left Shark or Right Shark, he'd give Left its very own Sharknado. But now it's time for the biggest questions of them all.

Scientists have said that technically, under rare circumstances, sharks could be lifted out of the water and flung from the sky, but while there may be a little science behind the film's premise, it still doesn't explain some glaring plot holes. (And nothing takes a viewer out of a movie about sharks flying around than a plot hole.) Luckily, Levin filled us in, and it turns out there's a logical explanation for everything ... sort of.

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Plot Hole 1: In the first movie, a Sharknado rips through the airport, but there's a helicopter that's basically untouched. How is this possible?


"Sharknados are very specific. In a real tornado, we always see these images of towns that have been hit, and there's this swath of destruction that goes right through the town, and then ten feet away those houses aren’t damaged at all, so I think it’s perfectly reasonable," Levin said. "The helicopter could’ve survived."

Plot Hole 2: Also in the first movie, a tank gets shoved into a shark's mouth, gets shot at and blows up like in "Jaws." Didn't "MythBusters" prove that wrong?

Image: Netflix

"'MythBusters' were recreating a certain moment from 'Jaws,' but we were using helium. They had oxygen, so I would contend that the 'MythBusters' have not busted our myth yet," Levin said.

Plot Hole 3: In the second movie, the airplane gets damaged, but the oxygen masks don't seem to deploy. Why not?


"I think the sharks damaged the airplane to a point the masks couldn’t deploy because, obviously, that is something we would’ve had happen if we wanted to. I hope," Levin said, laughing.

Plot Hole 4: Also during that plane attack, a bunch of people died, but it's not even really reported on. Why?

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"That’s interesting," he said. "That's one of the things that was debated during the scripting process. Because there was the question of, "If it was a huge disaster, wouldn’t they have shut down the city sooner rather than Fin [Ian Ziering] having to spread the word?" Basically, the thought was that the people who were sucked out in mid-flight, it wasn’t immediately apparent that this was the case. So by the time the facts filtered through the bureaucracy, it was already too late."

Plot Hole 5: A baseball game is going on at the same time the "Today" show is airing. Is this just a super early baseball game or a plot hole?


"No comment," Levin said.

Plot Hole 6: In "Sharknado 2," it seems like people are just walking around when a freaking Sharknado is happening. Why?

Image: Moviefone

"I would say that’s a combination of people who really don’t believe it was happening and us not having the money to be able to control everybody on the streets of Manhattan," Levin admitted.

Plot Hole 7: During Fin's epic speech, he stops to chainsaw a shark right down the middle, but he's not covered in any blood. How?

Image: Netflix

"My public answer is the shark is traveling so fast and the chainsaw is so sharp that all the gore flew past him, so he wasn’t affected," Levin said. "In truth, it was 10 degrees below zero in New York that day, and nobody wanted to be dealing with shooting blood and guts all over the place."

Well, at least he didn't jump the shark when it comes to honesty.

"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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