Film Crew Uses Heavy Metal To Attract Great White Sharks


Do you like heavy metal music? Then you may have something in common with great white sharks.

A Discovery Channel film crew searching for a large shark nicknamed "Joan of Shark" used an underwater speaker blasting death metal to attract great white sharks. The sharks pick up on the sound itself, but they can also sense the music's low-frequency vibrations, which resemble the sound of struggling fish, according to this clip from the 2015 Shark Week special "Bride of Jaws."

Not long after the music begins, a 12-foot great white approaches Shark Week cameraman Andy Casagrande's underwater cage. A second, larger shark soon joins the party.

"That is a huge shark," Casagrande says.

The animal they were looking for, "Joan of Shark" is reportedly the largest great white ever electronically tagged in Australia. She is more than 16 feet long and may weigh up to 1.8 tons. She was tagged off the southern coast of Western Australia in April 2014 after coming close to a popular beach.

As far as music goes, the sharks may not be too picky about the playlist. In 2011, an Australian tour boat operator found that sharks were attracted to AC/DC songs played from an underwater speaker and changed their behavior when they heard the music.

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