Sharon Osbourne Says She ‘Really F**king Pushed It’ Too Far With Plastic Surgery

The TV personality said she will not get another facelift after her last one left her looking “like a f**king Cyclops.”
Sharon Osbourne in 2022.
Sharon Osbourne in 2022.
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images

TV personality Sharon Osbourne says she refuses to get another facelift because a 2021 procedure left her with one eye lower than the other.

“That one put me off and it frightens me,” Osbourne told The Sun in an exclusive published Monday. “I really fucking pushed it with the last facelift and I am now like, no more.”

“Time is against me, I cannot have another facelift,” she added. “I looked like a fucking Cyclops,” she said, though the mythical creature is known for having only one eye.

Osbourne discusses her series “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back” in 2022.
Osbourne discusses her series “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back” in 2022.
Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

Previously, Osbourne spoke with The Sunday Times in April 2022 about her “horrendous” facelift.

“I had a full facelift done in October and I looked like one of those f―ing mummies that they wrap [with bandages],” she told the Times. “It hurt like hell. You have no idea.”

She also told the Times that her husband, former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, was horrified by the results of the surgery.

“He said, ‘I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll get it redone,’” she said.

Sharon Osbourne in March.
Sharon Osbourne in March.
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Osbourne also gave The Sun an update on her husband’s health condition.

The rocker announced in February that his touring days were over due to a spinal injury and canceled his 2023 tour dates in the U.K. and continental Europe.

“Ozzy has been plagued medically by different things that have been wrong,” his wife told the Sun, noting that he caught COVID-19 last year and it was “tortuous” for him because his lungs have always been his “Achilles’ heel.”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at a pre-Grammy Gala in 2020.
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at a pre-Grammy Gala in 2020.
Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images

The musician was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2019. He described his experience to The Guardian in 2022 as feeling like he’s “walking around in lead boots.”

Sharon Osbourne told the Sun that her husband feels terrible that he can’t tour anymore.

“The biggest love affair of Ozzy’s life is his audience and performing,” she told the British outlet. “He misses the live audience, he misses his fans terribly. He feels he’s let them down.”

She added hopefully:

“But he will get there.”

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