Sharon Stone's Beauty Secret To Finding Your Skin's Undertones

Finding the perfect foundation to match your skin tone can be quite stressful when you have no idea where to begin. Everyone tosses around the word "undertones," (we've heard it frequently at the makeup counter), but who really knows what that means?

Undertones refer to the actual color beneath your skin, and can be categorized into three groups. If you have cool undertones, the shading near your veins will have a blue or purple-ish tint. If you have warm undertones, then you will possess a more yellow or green-ish tint where the blood flows. If you fall somewhere between, then you have neutral undertones.

Still confused? We think Sharon Stone has introduced us to the best way to find out your skin's undertones.

While getting Stone red-carpet ready for an event, makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff was taken aback when the actress pulled down her blouse. Sheriff told us, "Pointing to her chest, Sharon said, 'Look! That's the best place to match my foundation.'"

Despite years of experience Sheriff decided to take Stone's advice, adopting the trick to avoid a washed-out look that comes from wearing foundation that's too light.

Once you've discovered your skin's undertones, Sheriff suggests applying your foundation from the middle of your face and working outwards. Don't forget to blend down towards your neck for an even and flawless finish.

Do you know your skin's undertones? What method did you uses to find out? Tell us in the comments section.

You glow, Sharon!

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