Sharon Wright, Teacher, Claims School Suspended Son For Being Gay, Fired Her For Supporting Him

Sharon Wright, a teacher in Harrisburg, Pa., has filed a lawsuit against Covenant Christian Academy accusing the administration of suspending her son for being gay and firing her for not forcing him to renounce the "sin," Courthouse News Service reports.

In the 30-page complaint, Wright claims that after the high school senior announced his sexual orientation on a blog, school Headmaster Joseph Sanelli told the family their son should remain at home until a meeting could be arranged.

During the meeting with Sanelli and other administrators, Wright claims she was told her son would be "permanently suspended from school" until he "renounced his sin." Furthermore, the plaintiff claims Rich Raynor, a school board member, lashed out and said there was something wrong with the high school student.

"Your son is broken," Raynor said, according to the complaint. "And it's your job to fix him."

Despite a letter from Sanelli claiming Wright's support of her son would in no way affect her employment, Wright claims she endured harassment throughout the rest of the school year, which lead her to develop anxiety and depression.

According to the complaint, when Wright requested medical leave to seek treatment, she was told to take a "year to heal," and was then denied a contract renewal.

Back in April, Cathy Samford, a 29-year-old former science teacher at Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas, claimed she was fired from the school after officials discovered she had become pregnant out of wedlock. School officials allegedly told the teacher she was not a "Christian role model."

"I didn't think I would lose my job," Samford told ABC news. "I was in shock and devastated and that's when I said, 'If this is the problem, I'm willing, and so is my fiancé, to go ahead and get married.' That wasn't the issue. We were going to get married regardless." According to the station, the school denied her offer.

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