Sharpen A Pair Of Scissors With Sandpaper To Get A Perfect Cut (VIDEO)

These tricks will save you time and money.

Investing in a good pair of scissors is important for crafting, sewing and general household tasks. But if you're finding that your tool is becoming a little dull, Reader's Digest found an easy way to sharpen scissors so you can get a perfect cut every time.

The site recommends taking the scissors and cutting through a piece of fine grit sandpaper. The video above demonstrates exactly how to get the best results. Metacafe also suggests using a folded sheet of aluminum foil and snipping thin lines, which will also put a little pep in the blades.

These two methods are easy, effective and definitely cheaper than throwing away a good pair of scissors and buying new ones. We also love the idea of repurposing common household staples and making them useful for other purposes.

Click through our slideshow to see some other unique cleaning tips. And be sure to Reader's Digest for more uses for sandpaper and Metacafe to see the aluminum foil trick.

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