Sharron Angle 2012? Adviser To Tea Party Favorite Teases Another Run

It's possible that former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle could mount another bid for a spot in the upper congressional chamber next year, an adviser to the Tea Party darling signaled to Ben Smith at Politico on Monday.

Angle was defeated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his quest for reelection in 2010. Despite coming up short in what shaped up to be an extremely contentious campaign, the Tea Party darling has since remained a fixture in the political spotlight.

On Monday, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) announced that he would not run for reelection in 2012. It seems for Angle, the news could be just the opening she needed to mull another run.

"Almost 250,000 Republicans have already donated to Sharron Angle, probably more than any Republican in the country," wrote consultant John Yob in an e-mail to Smith. "She will be a tremendously strong candidate for whichever office she chooses to run for. A combination of a strong tea-party based grassroots operation and unprecedented campaign funding is a powerful combination in a Republican Primary."

During a recent trip to New Hampshire, Angle hinted that another campaign for federal office could be in her political future. According to the Union Leader, she ruled out a run for the White House.

If Angle chooses to launch another Senate campaign, it seems she could face a difficult path to victory. On the heels of Nevada's 2010 midterm election, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Reid emerged on top of Angle with support from a perhaps surprising voting bloc:

Preliminary figures show just 2,000 more Democrats than Republicans voted in Nevada's general election, the secretary of state's office said Monday.

Because there were 60,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans at the time of the election, the figures are a clear indication that many Republicans cast votes for Democrat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid rather than for his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle, a secretary of state spokeswoman said.

Nevertheless, in recent months Angle has repeatedly said she has "a lot of options" to consider for mounting another run for office next year.

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