Sharron Angle, Birther? Nevada Senate Candidate Hasn't Confirmed She's Not A Birther (VIDEO)


Is Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle a birther?

Well, the Tea Party-backed hopeful vying to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada hasn't addressed the issue, but that hasn't stopped speculation from swirling around Angle's stance on the conspiracy theory challenging President Obama's eligibility based on the falsehood that he wasn't born in the United States.

On Monday, a Nevada-based political blog called attention to an endorsement touted on Angle's website from the Declaration Alliance -- a political action committee that questions the validity of Obama's U.S. citizenship and the legitimacy of his presidency.

When Nevada journalist Jon Ralston sought comment from Angle's campaign on whether or not she identifies herself as a birther, he had no such luck in reaching the Senate hopeful. "She no longer answers her cell phone and her press secretary's voicemail is full," Ralson said. "Well I'm sure one of those conservative talk show hosts will ask her about it."

WATCH: Report: Sharron Angle Won't Say Whether Or Not She's A Birther

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