Sharron Angle: Harry Reid Is A 'Whack Job' And 'We've Got To Fire Him'

Fresh off her victory in Nevada's Republican Senate primary, Sharron Angle took aim at her opponent, Senate Majority Harry Reid.

In Angle's first post-primary interview with KXNT's Alan Stock, the Tea Party-backed candidate blasted Reid as a "whack job candidate," before going on to explain, "That's why we've got to fire him."

Here's the exchange that went down between Angle and the conservative talk radio host earlier this week:

"You've been called a 'niche candidate.' A quote, 'whack job.' What are they talking about?" [Stock asked].

"Well, a whack job candidate is Harry Reid. That's why we've got to fire him," Angle responded. "He's out of touch with the mainstream America."

Angle also suggested that she's "more mainstream than the fellow that said tourists stink" in an interview filled with jabs at her Democratic opponent.

Ironically, Angle herself has been criticized as being too extreme in her views -- a matter which has been a cause for concern for the GOP. Angle has been compared to Tea Party-backed contender and Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul.

Local Nevada station My News 3 points out that Angle is exercising caution in deciding where to communicate her campaign's message and for now, her platform of choice appears to be conservative talk radio.

When KLAS-TV caught up with Angle at her campaign headquarters Wednesday, the local station had a much more difficult time getting the GOP nominee to talk about her campaign:

When asked to outline her strategy, Angle refused to answer, saying, "I've got to tell you guys this, you're so interested in that, but these guys here are so interested in my job and my home."

Newly-Minted GOP Nominee Sharron Angle Calls Harry Reid A 'Whack Job, Marginal Candidate'