Sharron Angle: 'Nothing Wrong With Our Health Care System' (VIDEO)

Tea Party-backed candidate Sharron Angle, who's vying to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, says "there's nothing wrong with our health care system."

Angle made the assessment in an interview with local ABC affiliate KTNV earlier this week.

"I think we get confused a little bit," explained the Senate hopeful. "Our healthcare system is the best in the world. There's nothing wrong with our healthcare system. Our doctors are the best."

When pressed to further explain her position, given that there are millions of Americans who lack access to the highest quality coverage, Angle didn't waver on her stance.

"The access is not what is being denied," she said. "It is the cost that has become prohibitive and that's what we need to address."

Over the course of her campaign, Angle has made a habit of railing against health care reform legislation that was enacted into law earlier this year.

"Only the supreme arrogance of Senator Reid would believe that he has a divine right to rule over mere mortals by ramming through Obamacare," she recently charged.

In response to Angle's latest criticism of Reid over the health care issue, the Nevada Democrat's camp said, "Sharron Angle is trying to hide her extreme and dangerous agenda from Nevada voters," and added, "The reality is that it's Angle's own words and long-held beliefs that are coming back to haunt her."

Nevada boasts an 18 percent rate of uninsured residents -- a figure that stands above the national average. A recent study from Trust For America's Health estimated that 19.1 percent of children in the state are uninsured, a statistic nearly double the national average and higher than in any other state.