Sharron Angle Files Petition Against Obamacare

Nearly four years after unsuccessfully running for U.S. Senate, former Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle is back at it with a petition to outlaw Nevada's Obamacare exchange.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Angle filed the proposal with the secretary of state's office -- a constitutional amendment that would prevent state or local governments from creating or maintaining health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. Entitled the Healthcare Freedom Protection Act, she'll need to gain at least 101,000 signatures by June 17 for the measure to make it onto the ballot.

In order for the amendment to go into effect, Nevada voters would have to approve the measure during both the November 2014 midterm elections and 2016 general election. If successful, the change would not take effect until more than three years after Obamacare's October 2013 launch.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal pointed out that Angle opted not to file a petition repealing the state law creating Nevada's health care exchange -- a law that was approved across the board by Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) and the state legislature in 2011. That move would have only required passage in November 2014, and could have gone into effect immediately after.

Back in 2010, Angle and Reid went back and forth in their Senate race polls. Angle would have become Nevada's first female senator, but ended up falling by six points to the incumbent majority leader.

"We didn't just inspire Republicans, we inspired Democrats and independents as well," Angle said at the time. "They may call us the tea party, but we know we're Main Street America."



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