Sharron Angle Mocked For Telling Hispanic Students They Look Asian (VIDEO)

We can always count on political comedy junkies The Partisans of The Second City Network to jump on the latest laughable act by a politician, and this week's victim is none other than Sharron Angle.

Nevada's Republican Senate candidate recently told a group of Hispanic students that they "looked a little more Asian" to her and that she herself had been referred to as Asian before. This comes just after she had to defend her controversial ad featuring an image of dark-skinned men over Mexico who she later said "wasn't sure" were Hispanic.

In this campaign ad spoof that references Christine O'Donnell's "I'm Not A Witch" commercial, Sharron assures us that she's not "racially divisive or confused." Watch her defend her actions and empathize with the students she spoke to by saying she has also "felt the painful sting of being mistaken for maybe, possibly being Asian on at least one occasion."


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