Shatterproof Outdoor Drinkware, For Klutzes And Kids Alike

Stylish picks for summer cookouts, campouts, beach bonfires and beyond.

Al fresco dining is one of our favorite warm weather traditions, but eating and drinking outside comes with its own unique set of challenges. A particularly strong wind or an overeager dog tail can send your glassware flying, and no one wants to clean up broken glass. This is where shatterproof drinkware comes in handy.

Typically made of plastic, shatterproof drinkware comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They’re reusable and often dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze. Plus, since they aren’t glass, kids at the table can drink from the same types of tumblers as the adults.

Here are eight products from Walmart that are perfect for your outdoor dining adventures.

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A set of 6 pineapple tumblers
The pineapple design of these 16-ounce cups adds a bit of flair to a classic clear set of glasses. They’re perfect for sipping poolside piña coladas without having to worry about shattered glass.
A set of 4 stemless unbreakable wine glasses
Whether you prefer white, red, rosé or something sparkling, these 20-ounce stemless wine glasses make the perfect vessel for imbibing outdoors. They won’t break like traditional glasses do, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.
A set of 4 unbreakable stemmed wine glasses
If stemless wine glasses aren’t your thing, these Tritan wine glasses have the classic silhouette, stem and all. Unlike regular wine glasses, you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking them when hand-washing.
Stemmed stainless steel wine glasses
Toast to anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions with these 7-ounce stainless steel wine glasses. They’re sold individually and come in three colors: copper, gold and silver.
Acrylic polka dot drinking glasses
Add a touch of color to your outdoor dining table with these polka dot drinking glasses. They’re available in three different sizes and several colors. Plus, they’re sold individually so you can mix and match according to your needs and taste.
A set of 12 stackable tumblers
These geometric cups made of BPA-free acrylic are suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining occasions. When the party’s over, cleanup and storage are simple since they’re dishwasher-safe and stackable. The set of 12 has six 19.5-ounce tumblers and six 12-ounce tumblers.
A 12-ounce wine tumbler with lid
This versatile stainless steel tumbler can be used to keep your coffee hot and your wine cold. If you’re on the go, you can rest easy knowing there’s a clear lid that helps minimize splashing. Best of all, it comes in a variety of holographic hues that create a rainbow effect under direct light.
A set of 4 doublewalled glasses
These 22-ounce double-walled fishnet tumblers would definitely feel right at home at a seafood boil poured onto a picnic table. No matter what you’re serving, or what your decor style is, you’re sure to find a jute fishnet tumbler color to match.

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