Model's Suspiciously Long Penis Is Star Of New Music Video (NSFW)

"Art and shock value."

Shaun Ross, a fashion model known for his striking albino appearance, is now captivating the Internet with what appears to be a suspiciously long penis.

Ross stars in Braves' new music video "Dust," and if you can't focus on the music, you'd be forgiven. The video captures a naked Ross emerging from the ocean, and the camera lingers on him through the money shot of his dangling dong.

And then you wonder: How could he fit into all those fancy clothes?

While several outlets were abuzz over the full-frontal phallic phenomenon, TMZ went on to debunk his junk. The gossip outlet cites sources "close to the model" who say he wore a prosthetic for "art and shock value."

Well, he definitely succeeded in the latter.

Judge for yourself below. Cut to the 3:10 mark if you simply can't wait for the star attraction.


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