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Could You Die From Shaving Your Bikini Area? (VIDEO)

Just about everybody has had an ingrown hair at some point. But did you know that that little irritation could possibly kill you? On a HuffPost Live segment called "I Stopped Shaving," guests discussed their no-shave wisdoms, especially when hair removal could lead to a life or death situation.

Last October, Marta Topran, the senior beauty editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, wrote about her experience after she decided to get rid of an ingrown hair herself. As the bikini area bump grew larger in a matter of days, we're talking "golf ball-size," Topran eventually underwent an emergency procedure. The culprit? A staph infection.

And that's not the worst part -- Torpan says that if she didn't get this taken care of sooner, the infection could have killed her by spreading to the bloodstream. Whoa, we can't imagine going through that ordeal.

Removing hair from sensitive spots such as your armpits and pubic area can be a real hassle. If you decide to shave these areas, remember to keep your razor clean, take your sweet time and if you see something strange, get it checked out by a doctor.

Watch Marta Topran's clip above from HuffPost Live and you might reconsider your next bikini area shave.

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