Shaving Your Legs: 6 Ways We're All Messing Up This Hair Removal Technique (PHOTOS)

6 Ways We're Shaving Our Legs Wrong

When it came to shaving my legs, the razor would always win the battle. Instead of walking out of my bathroom with clean, shaven limbs, I'd end up frustrated with all the unsightly gashes and leftover hair stubble.

According to Schick Quattro for Women Brand Manager Christine Galotti and Skintimate Brand Manager Alison Macneil, the tell–tale sign a woman is shaving her legs incorrectly is if she commonly gets razor burn or nicks and cuts. Guess all those race-car fast shaving moves I made were swift and not so smart.

The professionals add, "You should always shave your legs either with hair growth or against, but shaving against hair growth will achieve a closer shave. A way to know if you are shaving against the hair growth is by starting at the bottom of your leg near the ankles and gliding the razor upwards to your knee."

Read on as Galotti and Macneil takes us through the process of shaving our legs, explains the difference between creams, gels and foams and dishes on when it's time to throw away the razor. And scroll down to our slideshow below for eight of our favorite shaving products and tools.

What is the correct way to shave our legs? Should you start with wet or dry skin? And at what water temperature should you shave?
Step 1: Shave at the end of your shower or bath once you have given your skin and hair time to soften. Water temperature should be warm -- not cold and not too hot as that can dry out skin. Make the shower comfortable to be in and you should be okay.
Step 2: Apply a shave prep to skin
Step 3: Shave
Step 4: Rinse any extra shaving product from skin
Step 5: Post-shower, apply a luxurious body lotion or oil for added smoothness

What's the best approach to exfoliating if one shaves versus waxes?
Shaving your legs actually helps to exfoliate the skin so you don’t have to do both on a daily basis. It's smart to use an exfoliator at least once a week before shaving to remove any dry skin.

What are the major differences between shaving gel, cream and foam? Is there a certain formula that works best and why?
Gels are more substantial than foams which allow the blade to glide across the skin without nicks or cuts. They also soften the hair more, which reduces pulling and tugging. Creams are often made with a lotion base, which provides additional moisture to the skin.

What types of razors work best for women with sensitive skin?
Look for razors with moisturizing strips containing acai and jojoba for added skincare benefits while you shave.

When is it time to toss the razor?
It really depends on how often a woman shaves. Each razor cartridge or disposable handle should be good for at least five uses. A sure sign it’s time to replace your razor is when the blade appears to be dull and you aren’t getting that close shave.

What steps should be taken after shaving to maintain smooth, bump-free legs?
After you shave and get out of the shower, it's smart to give skin some added TLC with an alcohol-free lotion. This will help to lock in moisture and add some sexy sheen to skin -- which is perfect for the summer.

Are you looking for an alternative hair removal treatment to achieve smooth legs? Read about my go-to method.

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