Shawn Colvin Opens Up About Living With Depression

Shawn Colvin's song "Sunny Came Home" was all over the radio in the '90s, but even in the face of mainstream success, the singer was facing a serious battle with depression.

"I stopped taking a bath," she told HuffPost Live on Friday. "To get from the bed to the bathtub is sometimes an impossible feat, so you know that, alongside getting to work -- I've had to go to work when I've been depressed -- well, depression is miserable. It's like a pain. You can push through things, but it's not living."

The songstress recounted how, as a result of her depression, even the best efforts of her family and friends were often lost on her.

"If I was able to take in anything that was supportive, loving, compassionate, the horror of depression is that you're void of thinking you're worthy of any of that and you feel like a burden," she said. "You feel like no one understands it, and you feel guilty about that. You feel like no one can help, and in fact, it's very difficult for them to help, especially if they themselves haven't been through it."

She encouraged families and supporters of people with depression to read books by those who have also experienced the condition. "You can really get in the head of someone who can explain it from a perspective," she said.

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