Olympian Shawn Johnson Welcomes Baby Boy With Husband Andrew East

The 29-year-old former gymnast is also a mom to 20-month-old Drew Hazel East.

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson gave birth to her second child this week.

The 29-year-old told E! News that she and husband Andrew East are “absolutely in love with our little man” and that their 20-month-old daughter Drew Hazel East “is so sweet with him — you can tell she’s already such a great big sister.”

The couple has been keeping fans abreast of all the happenings throughout their pregnancy on both Instagram and YouTube, including when they shared the news with their parents and their gender-reveal party in March.

Prior to giving birth this week, Johnson said on her Instagram story earlier this month that she was just a few weeks shy of her due date and had “officially hit the wall where I don’t want to work.”

“I’m stressed about everything, overthinking everything, irritable, and exhausted. All I have room to think about is our little family and little man on the way,” she shared.

Johnson previously shared that baby number two was a bit of a surprise. After telling fans in a YouTube video that her firstborn had been the result of a 22-hour labor and C-section, she and her husband had decided to try again after getting the all-clear from their doctor.

“It took us a while to get pregnant the first time, so I didn’t know how long it was going to take. I didn’t know if it would be harder to get pregnant this time,” she recalled.

“About two minutes,” quipped East in response.

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